Here are some approaching deadlines for Specialty: 


April 5 Trophies must be reserved and paid for to have your donation appear in this year’s catalog.  2024 Trophy fund donations

April 8All Catalog Ads are due – Catalog Ad Purchase

April 13 Merchandise sales close. Specialty Merchandise Sales

May 1 Entries close @ 7:00 PM EDT.  2024 Specialty Entry


Running Event Deadlines: 

May 15, 2024 at 12:00AM or when limit reached – AB FastCAT –   2024 All Breed FastCAT Premium and Entry

May 17 at Midnight – LGRA –     2024 LGRA Premium List and Entry

May 20th at 5PM – AFSA –   2024 ASFA Premium List and Entry  

May 20th at 5PM – AKC Coursing –   2024 AKC Coursing Premium List and Entry

Upcoming Deadlines for the Specialty

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