Today is the last day for hotel guests and those of you staying elsewhere to purchase your meals. Don’t forget we have special events on Friday and Saturday— Silent Auction and the Live Auction. Don’t miss it! 

BIG CHANGE – Friday’s dinner has been moved from the Hess Shelter to the Ballroom !!!   

Place your Meal Orders TODAY  – click here to Purchase meals  or click here to read more about the meals Meals

Deadline today, May 3 – Tuesday K9-CPR pre class Light Dinner, Thursday Lunch & Dinner, Friday Lunch & Dinner, and Saturday lunch & Banquet Dinner deadline

If you have any allergies or need special meals, please don’t hesitate to contact us  at Food Allergies.

You can order all the meals in the SDCA Store:  Purchase meals  


TODAY – LAST DAY TO ORDER MEALS !! News Flash – Fridays Dinner is now in the Ballroom !!!

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