Videos/DVD/UBS Flash Drive, Online or YouTube Options  

 To order you videos, DVD’s, USB flash drive and Online or YouTube clip of your dog!   please follow this link –  2023 National Specialty Videos   All orders must be received no later than June 7th. 


Please remember to sign up for your National Specialty photos at  Turley photo – Scottish Deerhound
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The videos are wonderful tools in so many ways for the serious fancier and the new owner who wants to learn more about our breed:

They are invaluable assets for breeders – you can look back in years to come to see what a dog in your pedigrees looked like and how they moved, discover the origin of current traits, and give yourself an advantage that breeders of old never had.

You can relive the thrill of your wins or analyze the performance of your dogs (and yourself!) to see how you can improve.

Best of all, you can simply experience the pleasure of seeing more Deerhounds in action than you will ever see anywhere else – what’s better than that?

Although Specialty videos are an integral part of our club and the show, they now lose money. While DVD sales contributed about $1500 to the Specialty bottom line in 2010, last year they cost the club $1300.

And, although bringing in income is not the only reason to have someone video the specialty, this year we are experimenting with a few things to reverse this trend:

1) We are taking a $1200 gamble by filming ALL the specialty running events, starting with LGRA on Monday morning. We hope more running-event people will take advantage of this opportunity to buy videos!

2) We are offering online access at greatly discounted prices, and watching them is simple: When the specialty is edited and posted, we will email you a link so you can watch the DVDs to your heart’s content. The videos will be stored indefinitely on SDCA’s own Google Drive.

3) You can still buy DVDs, and we have lowered prices on most of them!

4) If you don’t need DVDs, but still want a tangible object with videos on it, we are also offering USB flash drives (also called thumb drives) at the same price as DVDs.

So there you have it: new ways to watch, and new low prices! We’re hoping that 20 people won’t be able to resist the online complete set (ALL the running events, the health seminar, obedience/rally, and ALL conformation classes) at the new low price of $100!

We’re also hoping that four people will not be able to resist buying all of the conformation classes (Futurity! Sweepstakes! Regular and Non-regular classes!) at the unbelievably low price of $60!

And all you running event people who have been clamoring for the club to film all of the running events, we’re hoping 20 of you will buy the running events package for $65!

On a budget? We get it. That’s why we have offered all of the individual events for as little as $10 to $15. And every purchase supports the video production.

Here’s how to order: 2023 National Specialty Videos


Thank you for your support of the specialty video! Enjoy!