A special opportunity to support the club and possibly win a great prize!  We will be holding a special raffle at this year’s SDCA Specialty that will include exciting 4 items:


One-of-a-kind leash rack from Ukrainian artist Igor Dolapchi. (one pictured here is not the one being raffled, but very similar)


A Rebecca Ray Gamekeeper’s British Slip Lead.


A portrait of your dog from a photo by Scottish artist Lana Mathieson. (The artwork depicted here is only a sample)







A sterling silver head pendant from Italian artist Salvatore La Spada.


One ticket is all it takes to win but why not buy a sheet or two to increase your chances and help support the club. Selling for $3.00 a ticket or a sheet of 10 tickets for $20.00.  You can order tickets here until May 5. After that, tickets will be available at the show.  To purchase your tickets follow this link :  Special Raffle

Not able to attend? Don’t fret! These special raffle tickets will be available for purchase through the Specialty Online Store until May 5. All special raffle items are available for shipment if need be. 

As tickets are drawn, the winner will have prize choice. 

What a great way to support the club, spend a little and possibly get a lot!   


A Little more information regarding some of the Special Raffle prizes :

The silver necklace from Salvatore LaSpada.  It is a solid 3 d piece.  The silver weight is 3/4 oz or 22 grams.  It is so beautifully detailed.  The piece measures 1 inch by 1 inch by just under 1/2 inch.

The leash rack by Igor Dolapchi – It is 27 inches by 11 inches.  There will be six or seven hooks on it.  (one pictured here is not the one being raffled, but very similar) Here is the progression of photos.  This is a very labor-intensive process.  It is painted in the Ukrainian style called Petrevkivka.  Petrykivka painting is the Ukrainian arts and crafts patterned folk style that originated from the village of Petrykivka.

Scottish artist Lana Mathieson Lana does commission portraits,  She also combines her lifelong passion for drawing with a sprinkling of tartan fashion inspiration to create beautiful, unique pieces that can instantly put a smile on your face. Here are some other samples of some beautiful pieces.


Rebecca Ray Gamekeeper’s British Slip Lead –  The quality you expect from Rebecca Ray is now available is this exquisite dog slip lead. Rebecca’s years of handling and breeding champion show dogs helped her in designing this newest addition.  Hand made by our Master Harness Makers of premium bridle leather, hand edged and rubbed and expertly finished with a contrast stitch.  The collar goes from 2 1/2″ across to 7 1/2″ across, which will fit a 24″ around neck down to a 5″ around neck size.  The lead is 5′ long.  Slide closure. The ring connector aids in leash flexibility.  The lead width is 1/2″ wide so it’s easy to hold. Zucchini Green and brass.

A Rebecca Ray Gamekeeper’s British Slip Lead.