Special Event Classes


The Three-Generations class is for (just as it sounds) three generations of Scottish Deerhounds in a straight line, the eldest being the sire or dam of the middle one, and the youngest being the offspring of the middle one. They need not be owned or bred by the same person(s), nor is the gender of any generation of importance.

The judge should be looking for a preservation of the “look” and the best qualities of the eldest generation down through the next two, with preferably an overall increase in quality.

Special Properties

Special Properties Classes are to showcase Deerhounds that are particularly good in a single area. Does your hound have a head that epitomizes the breed standard? Is her overall outline and proportion the one you’ve been breeding for? Does he move soundly and true on the down-and-back, and exhibit that open and easy side-gait with beautiful head carriage that makes him exciting to watch on the go-around?

If so, enter the Best Head, Best Outline, or Best Gait class and show the judge and other breeders what you’ve got!

Special Properties will be judged this year by Michael Blair.