Silent Auction – Participate from Home

Cant attend the SDCA Specialty in May?? Are you sad to not only miss seeing your friends and all the lovely Deerhounds, and you can’t get that special item that catches your eye? Well wipe those tears away!

We’ll have proxy biddingavailable during the Silent Auction.

Proxy” – the authority to represent someone else.

We will be your bidders (much like when submitting a bid on ebay.)

Watch the the Specialty Website Silent Auction/Raffle Page (and other Deerhound Facebook pages) for a picture of available items through the Silent Auction. Photos will start going up on Tuesday, May 9th and will be added to throughout Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each item will be numbered and this item number MUST accompany any correspondence concerning the piece.

Who is your proxy?

  1. Pam Minor – 205-990-9337
  2. Lisa Dempsey – 678-283-2752



  1. If & when you see an item you would like to bide on, send the following to either proxy,

                          “I, ________________________, authorize Pam/Lisa to bid by proxy on SDCA Silent Auction       #___________ up to the amount of $______________.

  1. Each item will have a starting bid amount and bid increments listed.
  2. When a bid comes in, the proxy will add the bid amount in the lowest bid amount available. If/when additional bids are received the proxy bid amount will be increased by the specified bid increment up to the maximum authorized.
  3. Any item with Proxy bidding will be identified as such on the bidding sheet for full disclosure.
  4. At auction close, if the proxy max bid amount has not been reached then a final bid will be cast accordingly.
  5. At auction close all bidders will be advised the bidding outcome. You can increase your max amount at any time by the same method as in step 1 above.
  6. Please try and have someone lined up to transport your winning item home for you. If you will require shipping on the item you must contact Lisa Dempsey at 678-283-2752 for requirements which will include paying a professional to pack and ship the item.
  7. Within 1 hour of auction close the winning text bidder must send payment to the SDCA for the item won. This can be done through Zell, Venmo, or PayPal. A friend attending the specialty may also pay for the item in your stead if you wish. If payment is not received by the specified time, then the item will be offered to the second highest bidder.

Good Luck! Happy Shopping!!!!

We’ll be adding photos next Wednesday thru Friday to the Specialty Website Auction pages, so keep back!

NOTE:  Decisions on which Auction a pictured item will appear in will not be made until next Wednesday — either Silent Auction or Live Auction.  Keep checking back next week to see what’s been added on the auction pages.


The below are most of the items for the silent auction !! 

Check back as more may be added!!