Here is a list of the National Specialty Seminars:

Wednesday 5/22 – Seminar topic to be announced soon  –  More info coming.  
Friday 5/25 – Breeders Forum coordinated by Betty Stephenson – To be held after the Sweepstakes near the ring at the National Specialty.  Here’s a little bit about the seminar from Betty Stephenson:  

Hello, Deerhounders—as the Breeder Education coordinator for the SDCA, I’ve always thought of my role in terms of Health and Husbandry, and the website page covers breeding, whelping and care in as much detail as I could manage, updated yearly.  But there’s more to breeding responsibly than just making healthy puppies, and after the too public hullabaloo that took place on social media, I asked for permission to try to bring a little civil discourse back into vogue.  What better place than to use the National Specialty as a venue for a new and perhaps continuing Breeder’s Forum?

Some of you may not have seen the post requesting volunteers who are willing to choose one or two of their own dogs to critique, strengths AND weaknesses for the participants.  The criteria were 1) Maintaining SDCA Club Membership for 25 years, and 2) having bred at least ten litters.  If you’re planning to attend the Specialty in Logan this year and fulfill these criteria, and you’re willing to share your expertise and eye, please contact me using  – Breeder’s Forum Contact .   

For additional information please see the printable flyer – Breeder’s Forum Flyer