Ring Site

We no longer have our beautiful ring site on the greensward between the hotel and the river, but we have contracted for another level, grassy site that may prove to be more convenient in several ways.

It is right next to the main hotel grounds, as you can see in the aerial view to the right, has ample shade for ex-pen setup, and plenty of nearby parking. The property is the old Zehnder homestead and belongs to the Lodge. It is fenced on three sides (the side fronting on Weiss Street is open), with a gate opening to the spacious parking lot behind the property.

If you look at the very top left corner, you can see the road on the far side of the homestead property. The green corner just visible above it is part of our coursing field. See more on our Coursing and LGRA page. Below is a closer view of the ring site, with measurements. Don’t worry, the rough-looking area (former vegetable garden?) no longer exists, nor does the large round object (swimming pool? trampoline?) — all is smooth and green now.