Our Judges

Conformation - Mrs. Carol Spritzer

My love for dogs and dog shows began many years ago when I spotted a Borzoi at a dog show in Augusta, GA. When our family was finally permanently situated in Cincinnati, OH, we purchased our first Borzoi and began our journey in the world of sight hounds and dog shows. My husband Ron and I successfully bred many top winning and producing Borzoi under the Spritzkof banner. My daughter introduced me to the world of Standard Longhair Dachshunds when she asked if she could have one to show in Jr. Showmanship. It was love at first sight when that dachshund entered the house. Through the years I have bred DCA winners, BIS winners, Group winners, and top-producing Standard Longhair Dachshunds. Besides the Dachshunds and Borzoi, I have owned & exhibited many of the other sighthounds, including a wonderful Scottish Deerhound named Utkinton Hannah; affectionately known as “Hannah Banana.” Through the years Hannah has always held a special place in my heart.

I have been judging for over 25 years and am licensed for BIS, the Hound Group, many of the Sporting breeds, and Junior Showmanship. At present, Ron and I are owned by a Shih Tzu named Star. Most appropriate, since she is the star of the house.

I am a life member of the Borzoi Club of America, The Midwest Borzoi Club, and Clermont County Kennel Club. I also belong to the Cincinnati Kennel Club and the Dachshund Club of America. For several years while exhibiting and owning Hannah, I also belonged to the SDCA. I am a strong supporter of breed clubs and have been active in all these dog clubs throughout the years. 

I am so thrilled and honored to be your judge this year! Excited beyond words, as I so respect and love this breed. Thank you for giving me this honor. 

Sweepstakes - Mrs. Jana Brinlee

In 1973 an Afghan Hound entered my life as friend and companion.  This was to be a life-changing event as that introduction to Sighthounds was to become an avocation and direction in my life.  Along with my husband, Ray, we have bred Borzois and Scottish Deerhounds using the Jaraluv banner.

Deerhounds became our sole focus during the 1980’s when it was apparent to us that keeping two large Sighthound breeding programs was too difficult to maintain.   While never intending to produce large numbers of Deerhounds, our small program was limited to fourteen litters.  The exhibition of our breeding stock has resulted in:

  • Five Scottish Deerhound Club of America National Specialty wins by three of our breeding.
  • 46 American All Breed Bests in Shows by 11 individual All Breed Best in Show winners plus two Norwegian-owned Best in Show winners.
  • A dog of our breeding holds the All Breed Best in Show record for males. Our MBIS Ch. Jaraluv Ouija until recently held the US breed’s record since 2008 with 21 All Breed Bests in Show and her father, MBIS Ch. Jaraluv Michael, continues to hold the male record for most Bests in Shows with 10 wins.
  • Multiple other national specialty awards including Best Opposite Sex, Select Dog, Select Bitch and Awards of Merit by many of our dogs. Our BIS MBISS Ch. Jaraluv Keep The Faith won the Futurity in 1999 followed later by three consecutive national specialty Bests of Breed in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

In 2016 the American Kennel Club named us Hound Breeders of the Year, a much coveted and special honor.

I was previously honored to judge the Norwegian Breed Show in 2004 and the Swedish Breed Show in 2018, as well as 2021’s SDCA Futurity.

Being selected to judge the Sweepstakes is, indeed, an honor and I look forward to seeing the youngsters.

Obedience - Mrs. Sharon Ann Redmer

Sharon Redmer has bred, trained and exhibited Belgian Tervuren since the early 1970s. She has bred Tervs under the StarBright affix for over 40 years and has produced all breed Best in Show winners, Group winners and placers, CH OTCH MACH CT HTCH title holders and perfect 200 obedience scorers.  StarBright owned/bred Tervuren have earned multiple National Specialty BOB, BOW, BOS, Select, HIT Awards and have over 150 Champions of record. 

Mrs Redmer has judged Obedience for over 35 years and Conformation for over 25 years. She has been honored to judge all 4 Belgian US National Specialties numerous times. She has judged on 5 continents, both all breed and national specialty shows. She is a lifetime member of the Ann Arbor Kennel Club, the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club and is the proud recipient of the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award in Companion events. She was the first judge at Westminster KC’s inaugural Obedience Masters Championship. She is the only AKC judge to have officiated at all 3 of AKC’s National Championship shows – Conformation, Obedience and Rally.
Mrs Redmer has been a member of the American Belgian Tervuren Club since 1972. She has held many leadership positions within the ABTC  and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Judges Education Committee for Tervuren.
Mrs Redmer and her husband Ed live in the countryside just north of Ann Arbor, MI, are University of Michigan alumni and diehard fans of the “Wolverines” GO BLUE! 

Coursing - Ms. Deborah Narwold

I am originally from Wisconsin.  My first dog as an adult was a retired Rhodesian Ridgeback brood bitch, Tasha.  She was a birthday present to me in 1982 from the now x-in-laws.  I was not a dog person at that time, but knew enough to take her to obedience class in spring 1983.  This is where I met Bunny Reed.  She encouraged me to bring her to a lure coursing trial.  I didn’t go to one until later that year, where I first saw lure coursing and my first Scottish Deerhound.  The RR loved the coursing, the SD that we brought home not so much.  But we had seen the Whippets run and were hooked.  By 1984 the first Whippet came into my life.  I traveled with Bunny Reed and Sue Weinkein to lure coursing trials they judged, and I ran my Whippet.   I took pictures of the hounds running, as I was in photography sales at that time. 

My first SDCA national specialty was in Brighton, MI and I was showing my Deerhound Ira in the first obedience trial held at a national specialty.  It was hot and he did well until the long sit.  He laid down.  But his future held legs towards a CD.  My first Deerhounds that ran were Ch. Tamberlane’s Brigadoon of Nahr-Volts and FCh Tamberlane’s Fantasia of Nahr-Volts, a multiple Best in Field winner.  I have been lucky in my running deerhounds Nahr-Volts Court Jester, FCh; Bruach Aspen of Nahr-Volts, FCh [aka: Daisy]; and DCH Glasdun Ella Enchanted of Nahr-Volts.  And there were a couple that looked at me and said “no way, mom.”

There is something about the sight of a running sighthound that just takes your breath away.  I love to watch the hounds run and got into judging them.  I really enjoyed meeting all the different people over the course of my learning to judge, with their input and insight into their breeds.  With the newer breeds coming in, I am continuing to learn more about them and their style of running.

I also do obedience and agility and show my dogs.

I am the past president of Iowa Coursing Association, and past president of the Cyclone Country Kennel Club. I have held many different offices in my local kennel club and coursing club, such as conformation show chair. I have been national secretary for the Scottish Deerhound Club of America and Field trial Secretary for the American Whippet Club, Scottish Deerhound Club of America, and Iowa Coursing Association.

I have judged both AKC and ASFA for a variety of clubs in the Midwest and Scottish Deerhound national specialties.  I have judged in my show clothes, then run to the group ring to show my specials at AKC events.

I have bred Whippets and Scottish Deerhounds for many years.  I got hooked on the Toy Fox Terriers before they were accepted into AKC – they make me laugh.  I do show and breed them. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come and judge the SDCA specialty in 2022.   I hope you all run safe and enjoy the sport.

Coursing - Ms. Frances Abrams

Frances Abrams started judging ASFA trials in 1977 when the primary qualifications required for judging were a warm body and an ability to take the heat.  She learned under the likes of Lyle Gillette and Nancy Aiken and is learning to this day.  Due to a series of moves and other commitments, she was not qualified for all breeds until sometime in the 1980s.  She was grandfathered in as an AKC judge when their program started.  She has been trying to explain what she does on weekends ever since.   

Her first love has always been Irish Wolfhounds and some (Kate, Thady, Mick, Mandy, Bevin, Trish, and Kevin) have coursed.  Most of the others considered it a spectator sport.  She has also coursed a Whippet, two Borzoi, a Greyhound and a Saluki. She currently lives with four Wolfhounds and is the chauffeur for Kevin: FC Tailstorm Kevin Barry, SC, RN.

Frances is a founding member of the Lower Columbia Lure Coursing Association and the OKI Gazehound Organization (OKIGO) and a former Region 6 Director.  She has been on the Board of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and is currently the Vice President of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation.  She retired from her engineering job with the AF (Yes, she was a rocket scientist) in 2015 to devote more time to dogs, garden, and bees. 

In summary, Frances has been around longer than she wants to admit and has spent a lot of that time watching dogs run around fields from Washington State to Rhode Island.  Every minute—with the possible exception of some sleety mornings when no coffee was available—has been fun.