Videos/DVD/UBS Flash Drive, Online or YouTube Options

Our 2023 National Specialty is history…and on video. Experience the memorable week in West Virginia anytime you want — buy the videos now in a variety of formats!!!   Specialty Videos/DVD’s and more

Relive our time at Oglebay or if you couldn’t make it, the videos are a great way to see dogs compete in running events, obedience and rally, or in the show ring.

NEW!!! Choose from DVDs, a USB flash drive, new this year, or an online version at steeply discounted prices! So now deerhound lovers around the world can order the video — no more shipping!

NEW!!! ALL of the specialty running events are available for purchase!

NEW!!! Order a YouTube clip of your dog! (Don’t forget to tell us which dog you want in your clip!) These clips are available from individual events only; not available from the bundles or complete set.

Check out our new low prices, too!

Watch your dog, improve your handling, look for a stud dog, or just enjoy the show. Order an individual event, a running event, a conformation bundle, or get the whole enchilada—the complete set has everything filmed at the specialty–everything!

Order your video here:   Specialty Videos/DVD’s and more

Orders will be taken until June 7, 2023.



Please remember to sign up for your National Specialty photos at  Turley photo – Scottish Deerhound

Enter your email and they will let you know when your proofs are posted.


Order your 2023 National Specialty Videos, DVD, UBS Flash Drive plus other options AND Photos too!

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