April 19th – Specialty Update #3

Once again, thanks to the literally dozens of people who have stepped up to help during this frantic time of getting ready for the show — we just can’t thank everyone enough. And now we enter the final stretch… 

Including the big kahuna of deadlines: Still need to make an entry? ENTRIES CLOSE TODAY AT 7:00.  Click here to make a show entry

We have two judges — our show judge, Jay Phinizy (read more about him here: Our Conformation Judge ), and 3-Generation and Special Properties Judge Mary Ann Rose (Our Judges) — who between them have about 100 years of experience in the breed.

Our Sweeps judge, Mary White, brings a different perspective to her judging from decades in both Dobies and Salukis.

Anita L. Eisthen will be judging Obediance and rally which closes today as well.

You get the large classes where you actually have time to work your dog. You get your dog’s entire performance on video (see below for our awesome new video options). You get wonderful candid photos, taken by the show photographer and others. You get extra-special trophies and rosettes.

But you can’t get any of those things if you don’t enter!

So whether you are hoping someone will use your dog at stud, want other breeders to see what you’re doing with your breeding program, want to honor the breeder who sold you your wonderful Deerhound, or you just love showing your dog, this is the best show of the year to get your dog seen, get some time in the ring, and enjoy seeing how your dog stacks up against the competition.

There is no other way to put it: IT’S THE GREATEST DEERHOUND SHOW! Thanks to Kathy Lazenby for putting this video together, what fun!:



New Running Events this year too! Entries are important, too — you have a little more time on those:

Scott Dove and his team have put together an exciting new coursing program including a first for us —

All Breed Fast CAT on Sunday and Monday just for Deerhounds!   Click here for Coursing Events

Slightly less big kahuna of deadlines: MEAL DEADLINES

Finding meals that are affordable and delicious (and, we hope, fun) was a challenge this year, so we are wicked late with our meals — the first meal deadline, for our Award Banquet with its exciting Live Auction — is in TEN DAYS. So we need you all to spread the word for us, because when it comes to meals, the more is definitely the merrier!

In addition to some great box lunches and a fantastic banquet, here’s something new! We have rented the Hess Shelter for two al fresco dinners. The Hess Shelter is near our ring and Wilson Lodge and has a kitchen, bathrooms, plenty of parking, and even a fireplace!

You can find all of our meal information here:  Meals

Please tell everyone you know that the deadlines are coming up! And don’t forget to sign up for the meals yourself!



Memorial Presentation Deadline

If you lost a Scottish Deerhound since the last Specialty and would like your loved hound to be memorialized in a presentation at this year’s Specialty, we need your information. Send a couple of high-resolution pictures of your friend, birth and death date, registered and call name to:  Contact Kathy Lazenby  If you’re not going to be at the Specialty we can provide you with a link to view the memorial after. Please send your photos by April 29.

Many thanks to everyone who bought a catalog ad. Thanks to you — and a terrific effort by Fran Smith and Wendy Fast — we EXCEEDED our catalog ad target. THANK YOU!

Volunteers Needed

So many thanks to the dozens of people who have stepped up to help us out! More positions have opened up now:

Merchandise Sales: We have a few items of glassware and umbrellas to sell yet. They’re gorgeous, and we hope they will sell out in the Hospitality Room. If they don’t, however, we want someone to be the go-to person later in the week for people who want to buy these items. We need this person to bring samples to ringside, meals, and events, and sweet-talk people into thinking they need six insulated tumblers and 12 umbrellas.

Food Wranglers: Our Thursday and Friday dinners are going to be family-style buffets, so we need a couple of people per night just to bring new trays of food out as trays get eaten.

Please contact Betty Stephenson if you wish to volunteer!


What’s New?!

Videos are what’s new — you can’t just call them DVDs anymore, because, in addition to DVDs, we are also offering USB flash drives and online versions (the latter at steep discounts)! We’ve also slashed prices on the DVDs. Read all about it here:  Videos and DVDs

Seminars are also what’s new! In addition to what is going to be a fascinating health seminar on Thursday, as we have all faced the new realities in veterinary medicine, and what looks to be a very lively forum on Wednesday, we are also offering a Canine First Aid & CPR seminar on Tuesday. Read all about them here: Seminars

Auction, Raffles and Proxy Bidding!  We are getting new stuff every day for the auction and raffles — now we have three! In addition to our usual raffle, we have the best line-up of special raffle items ever known to Deerhoundom! We’re even having a flash raffle at the Friday dinner! And there’s more — you don’t have to be present to win! There will be live proxy bidding for those who won’t be there, bid from home. Donations are still very welcome — here is more information:  Auction

There is so much going on…vendors…the health clinic instructions are posted…glassware and umbrellas are still for sale…you can find everything specialty at  https://deerhoundspecialty.org/


And if you are just ready to buy, go to the specialty store page, and it’s all there:  Specialty store


As always, thanks to you all for your support. We can’t believe the show is just a few weeks away!


Jodi, Jana, Miranda


News Flash – Specialty Update #3

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