Specialty Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I get information on things happening at the Specialty?

There are details on everything you need to know at Specialty website

Is there Parking at the ring? See attached video 

Yes, there is plenty of parking available on grass or along the road by Observatory Field. There is NO shade, so please bring your own.

How hilly is the Oglebay terrain?

There are hilly areas but only if you go out walking the hiking paths. Observatory Field where Fast CAT and Conformation will be held is flat and level.

We’ve heard Oglebay has a tame deer herd, should we be concerned? –

There are very tame deer on the property. Keep an eye out for deer nearby. Keep control of your dogs, and if you are worried about whether you can handle multiple dogs if a deer should appear, walk one at a time. Ask for help!

On a recent visit, it was observed that there was NO DEER MANURE on the grass at Observatory Field.

How far is the lodge, where we’re staying, from Observatory Field?

The lodge is not far from the field but it is not an easy walk, but a short drive.

I hear some rooms have Refrigerators?

Only in West Wing. In the Byrd wing you must rent for $10 if you want one. Contact the front desk before you arrive.

Lunch and Dinner Options? 

Oglebay has a variety of restaurants see this link. https://oglebay.com/dining/

Monday, Tues & Wed Running Events at Sandscrest – Complimentary continental breakfast before coursing events. And One Complimentary lunch per kennel participating in Running Event at Sandscrest.

Tuesday – Buffet at K9 CPR & First Aid Class at $20 pp – purchase on the store.

Wed 4:00 – 6:00 Welcome Reception hosted by MADA Fort Henry Room

Thurs. thru Sat. — Boxed Lunches available for pre-order. See link for details and deadlines

Thurs. thru Sat. — Dinner details and deadlines see link Meals

Is there RV parking at Observatory Field Ring? –

You will need to drive down to the ring.  There is no overnight ringside parking

What about bathrooms at the ring?

There are INDOOR Bathrooms, a two-minute walk from the ring, in Shrader Environmental Center adjacent to our show ring.

What about videos? I hear all events will be recorded and there are lots of new, less expensive options.

Yes! All recorded events — Running Events, Health Seminar, Obedience/Rally and Conformation can now be viewed online, DVD or thumb drives at a lower price! See link for details Videos and DVDs

Are there other things to do at Oglebay?

Oglebay is a beautiful 2000 acre park with all kinds of things to do including Shopping, Spa, Trails, Gardens, Zoo https://oglebay.com/activities/