Obedience/Rally/Conformation Ring and Performance/Racing/Lure Coursing Field


All obedience/rally/conformation and field events will be held outdoors at the Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds is approximately three (3) minutes driving from the hotel. Obedience/rally/conformation and performance/racing/lure coursing events will be staged in two (2) separate areas of the Fairgrounds.


Cache County Fairgrounds

490 South 500 West
Logan, Utah 84321
+1 435 755 1671
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 Obedience/Rally/Conformation Ring

The area designated for obedience/rally/conformation is called the “Green Space” and can accommodate a ring of 100’ x 100’, meeting AKC requirements. There will be ample space around the perimeter of the ring to set up guest pop-up tents, seating, exercise pens, and there will be designated areas for the Specialty photographer and videographer.


Performance/Racing/Coursing Field

The area designated for performance/racing/coursing events is called the “Infield Green Space” and is comprised of two contiguous field areas, one with an area of 8.4 acres and the other with an area of 2.95 acres. The field has been measured and can accommodate a lure course of 1,000 yards, which is greater than ASFA’s and AKC’s minimum course yardage requirements.  The field is entirely grassed and generally flat and meets FastCAT and LGRA course standards, as well.

Finally, there will be ample space in the Infield Green Space to accommodate a tent (under which a field secretary desk and awards table would be placed), guest tailgating with pop-up tents, guest seating, a designated area for a videographer etc.