Field Committee 

Field Chairman: Robert S Dove

Trial Secretary: Ping Pirrung

Additional Members: Michael Blair, Cecilia L Dove, Johanna Hanson,                                                                                                Hillary Millet and Karen Winter       

Lure Operator: Tom Cigolle

Sandscrest Resort 

143 Sandscrest Drive,  Wheeling, WV  26003

Sandscrest is approximately 4.2 miles away and from Oglebay Resort, a short 10 minute drive.

There will be food and beverages available on the grounds as well as flushing toilets.         Sandscrest website 

See Schedule for times and locations –  Schedule

Running Event Deadlines:

May 3 – AKC Pre Trial Entries Close on Wednesday, May 03, 2023    AKC Premium

May 5 – LGRA – No Gate entries will be accepted, and your entry needs to be received at 120 Labyrinth Lane, New Bethlehem, PA 16242 On Friday the 5th of May, 2023. OR, alternatively entries can be emailed and payment be made on the day of the race! Please use for submission.  LGRA Premium

May 7, – AB Fast CAT – Entry Fee: $25/per dog/per test (includes $3.50 AKC recording fee) Day of test entries: $30/per dog/per test (includes $3.50 AKC recording fee) Day of test entries close 30 minutes prior to roll call at the Field Trial Secretary’s table.  All Breed Fast CAT Premium

May 8 at 5PM – AFSA –  Scottish Deerhounds only Pre-Entry Fee: $25 Day of Trial Fee: $30 Trial Entries Close Monday, May 08, 2023 at 5 pm   AFSA Premium

May 8 at 5PM – AKC – Test Entries Close Monday, May 08, 2023 at 5 pm.  Pre Trial Entries Close on Wednesday, May 03, 2023.  AKC Premium

May 8 – SD Fast CAT – Entry Fee: $25/per dog/per test Day of test entries: $30/per dog/per test Day of test entries close 30 minutes prior to roll call at the Field Trial Secretary’s table.   Deerhound Fast CAT Premium 

Entry Forms can be found here by clicking on the link:

         Lure Coursing Entry Form

         AFSA Entry Form


Puppy lure info can be found here by clicking the link : 

    Puppy Lure Play


NEW – Coursing Events Progam!! 

Coursing Events Program

NEW!  For the first time, SDCA will offer two days of Fast CAT trials to kick off our show.  On Sunday, May 7, we will host two ALL BREED AKC Fast CAT trials.  This will take place on Observatory Field at Oglebay resort. 

All AKC registered dogs will have the chance to enter for two runs on Sunday. This includes AKC PAL dogs too!

On Monday afternoon, May 8, we switch over to another Fast CAT session with Scottish Deerhounds only.  There is a discount offered for pre-entry and we welcome everyone to join us on Observatory Field.

NOTE:  A complimentary continental breakfast will be offered at Sandscrest (our coursing site) for coursing participants Monday–Wednesday at 7:30 AM.   Coffee/tea/hot chocolate/muffins/donuts/bottled water will be served.

Coursing Lunches:

Monday – Wednesday: Entering any running events at Sandscrest? Unlike most coursing venues, ours has a catering kitchen! Lunch is being partially sponsored by a private donor!  Each kennel entered will receive 1 complimentary lunch. Additional lunches will be available at $12 each.

If you pre-enter LGRA racing or ASFA or AKC coursing, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive one free lunch for the day(s) you enter, thanks to a very generous donor. You don’t need to sign up, buy the store product, or do anything — you will automatically get the lunch. 


        • Only pre-entries qualify for the free lunch. Day-of entries do not qualify — yet another great reason to pre-enter!
        • The free lunch is per person, not per entry. 
        • FastCAT, QC’s, JC’s, and puppy fun runs do not qualify for the free lunch.
        • If you need additional lunches for friends or family or want lunch at Sandscrest on a day you are not running a dog, please order here  Coursing lunches  . 
        • And if you have special dietary needs, please contact us here  at Food Allergies

The course will be fenced with plastic safety fence.  Our experienced lure operators are Tom Cigolle and Ping Pirrung.

Monday, May 8, in the morning we will offer LGRA (Large Gazehound Racing Association) at Sandscrest Episcopal Retreat.   This event is for Scottish Deerhounds only.  Dogs will race in groups of four over a course of 200 yards.

Tuesday, May 9, we will offer ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association) at Sandscrest Episcopal Retreat.  This event is for Scottish Deerhounds only.  The hounds will run over 600 yards of West Virginia terrain.  The course is open field with rise and fall of the natural slope. Scores from both runs are added for a combined total score. Hounds are awarded placements and points based on where they finished and the number of hounds they competed against. The hounds are running not only for fun and to keep their natural abilities alive, but also for titles.

Wednesday, May 10, we will offer AKC coursing.  Again, the dogs will run over 600 yards and be competing for points and titles.

Please check the premiums carefully for the opportunity to enter your dog for a JC test leg and/or a QC.   The coursing committee will also offer puppy “try it” runs and times are listed on the premium.

A little information about Sandscrest Episcopal Retreat located at 143 Sandscrest Dr, Wheeling, WV 26003:  Sandscrest features hundreds of acres of actively farmed land.  We will be coursing on the hay field in front of the mansion. They are very excited to welcome the Scottish Deerhounds to their fields.  There will be a fresh water station available for the dogs for drinking and cooling off. There are restroom facilities on site as well. SDCA has arranged for the show photographer to be on site during coursing.  Please plan to make contact with him if you wish to have special photos taken of your dog on the course. He will be taking win photos at the mansion house.  We ask that everyone respect the beauty of Sandscrest and clean up after their dogs and themselves.

Coursing Chairman: Robert S. Dove

Dr. Dove has been an active member and volunteer for the SDCA since 1983.  The Eastern National Speciality held at the Haines farm in Virginia where he was the veterinarian on call and on premises was his first experience. Since that time, Dr. Dove has given numerous educational presentations to our club.  Foxcliffe, his kennel and farm in Rappahannock County Virginia, where he lives with his wife Cecilia, has produced many well-known and record-breaking Scottish Deerhounds.  After decades of mounted fox hunting, open field coursing in the highlands of Scotland and the deserts and prairies of the western United States, Dr. Dove (Scott) holds a yearly fun coursing event in Virginia as a 12th Night celebration.  Performing the duties of the Coursing Chairman at Oglebay is a way of saying thank you to the members of the SDCA and breeders of the Scottish Deerhound.