If running events are your thing, then this specialty is for you! Coursing Chair Scott Dove and his crew have outdone themselves with running events for the 2023 National Specialty.

We are offering FOUR Fast CAT trials, LGRA racing and both ASFA and AKC coursing. And fun runs, too!

Love Fast CAT? We are offering not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Fast CAT trials, right on the hotel grounds. On Sunday, May 7, we are hosting two ALL BREED AKC Fast CAT trials right on Observatory Field at Oglebay. AKC PAL dogs are welcome, too!

On Monday afternoon, we are hosting two more Fast CATs at Observatory Field, these exclusively for Deerhounds.

The course will be secured with plastic safety fence, with the lure being operated by the very experienced Tom Cigolle and Ping Pirrung.

Monday morning we will be holding a Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) meet at our coursing venue, Sandscrest Conference and Retreat Center (https://sandscrest.com/), which is about a 4-mile drive from our hotel.

If lure coursing is your thing, on Tuesday we’re holding an ASFA trial, and on Wednesday an AKC lure coursing trial on Sandscrest’s rolling hay fields. If your dog isn’t ready for a trial yet, we are also offering a JC Test, QC’s, and a Puppy Fun Run!

So join us for fun, spending time together, and the sheer joy of watching our dogs run. Food will be served, our photographer will be there to capture your dog’s great moments, and there are even real restrooms!

Click the below link for more information and all of the premium lists and entry forms. Tally ho!


Coursing, LGRA, Fast CAT and fun runs!

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