Closest Airport – Pittsburgh International Airport, formerly Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, is a civil–military international airport


1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231

Phone: (412) 472-3525

Code: PIT

Hub for: Southern Airways Express, US Airways, Republic Airways, MORE

It is 48 miles from the airport to Oglebay, approximately 1 hour 5 min.  


Here are the airlines that fly into Pittsburgh:
Here are their nonstop flights:
Here are the crate sizes they can handle:
Currently some of the airlines have suspended pet transport for all except small animals as carry on.
Those need to fit under the seat. Each airline has their own policies and for most sizes is dependent on
the aircraft.
In cargo:
Air Canada: Up to 100 lbs. Dog and crate—crates cannot exceed 115 linear inches (no crate sizes
American: Cargo only. Crate size is based on individual aircraft (Boeing and some Airbus are up to 700,
the rest are 400 or smaller).
United: Petsafe Cargo—crate size is based on aircraft as well.
Alaska: small pets only
Delta: via Delta Cargo
Jet Blue – no
Southwest – no
Here is a link to the airport info page on pet travel. It looks like Alaska Air has a cargo division also:
Limousine Service: Airport Limousine Service in Wheeling (304-232-1175) was recommended by the
hotel. They service Pittsburgh International Airport and can handle dog crates.