For those who are making plans to join us in Frankenmuth for the 2022 Scottish Deerhound Club of America National Specialty, I’d like to put a reminder out there about room and meal reservations. Our specialty committee works very hard each year to find us a site that not only will accommodate the specialty but also is a beautiful place to stay and provides the facilities for our various functions and dinners. These facility rooms are costly to rent but we can typically negotiate for some room rent offsets based on the number of rooms reserved by our members and friends. So, please, make your reservation to stay at the Bavarian Inn this year and help support our specialty! It is important to our success!

Similarly, we contract for meals and snacks each year and this year is no different. We are required to pay a set minimum fee whether meals are bought and paid for by members or not. Spending time with our clan each year is one of the best reasons to come to our specialties and over a meal is the perfect opportunity. So, we are asking that you join us for our meals and when it is time to order online, please buy the dinners and lunches offered to help support us being able to contract successfully to hold our specialties each year.

I join Paula and Pam in welcoming you to Frankenmuth for the reunion!!!

Jana Brinlee

President, SDCA

A Message from Our SDCA President

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