May 3rd – Last Specialty Update #5

Update #5

Your faithful correspondents are happy to report that this is the last Specialty Update you will receive — the show is upon us! Just a few last details and, of course, deadlines. Most notably, the meal deadline is TODAY, and the first running event pre-trial closing date is TODAY. Read on…


The final meal deadline is TODAY. You don’t want to miss our great line-up of delicious and fun lunches and dinners!

One change to report: the Friday dinner, which was originally supposed to be al fresco, is now being held in the West Ballroom in Wilson Lodge! Please join us there for dinner and the silent auction and raffles, including a special raffle only for those who buy the dinner!

Order all of your meals here:  Order Meals

Please join the fun!

Please note that our Thursday dinner will be al fresco, in one of the park’s great shelters. It is covered, of course, and has a kitchen, bathroom, and even a fireplace, but it is still open-sided, so if you weren’t prescient enough to order some specialty outerwear during our merchandise sale, please be sure to bring something warm for that dinner, just in case.

And don’t forget to join us for the Wednesday Welcome Reception, hosted by MADA! All are welcome! It’s 4-6 PM.

Running Events

The first pre-trial closing date is TODAY, but you can still enter up to and on the day for our great running events! All the information you need can be found here:  Coursing Events


Time is running out to rummage through your collection to bring something for the auction and raffle!

You do not need to be present to win a special raffle item, and we have arranged for proxy bidding for both our silent and live auctions. More information can be found here: Silent Auction

and here: Special Raffle page

and here! Live Auction


Once you arrive, the Hospitality Room will be in front of the West Ballroom right in Wilson Lodge, next to the Glassworks restaurant—actually, a lot of our activities will be in the West Ballroom. The hours will be

Tues 10-4

Wed 10-5

Thurs 10-5 (10-noon West Ballroom, ringside in the afternoon)

Fri & Sat ringside during the judging.


Here is a preview of our great show vendors who will be ringside this year! [PAM, USE A SELECTION OF PHOTOS DERIEN SENT YOU VIA EMAIL — make sure you get a couple of photos from all of the vendors, except for Happy Wags — only do one.]

ConeraKnolls Designs – Derien Pratt

That Scottish Woman — Linda Madden

Janis Hills – Paintings (Deerhound Paintings)

Angie Candell: Sara Sue’s Garden!

And a local vendor, Tina Prokes: Happy Wags: Clothing Line with Dog is Good and PuppyLove brands.


Videos will still be available for sale, but if you know you’re going to order them, why not order now, while you remember? We have new formats and new low prices! Check it out:  Videos and DVDs     Deadline is June 7.


People have been absolutely wonderful about volunteering, but we have a few new jobs to fill:

Trophy Schleppers: We need trophy schleppers to come to the ring at 8:00 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to help unload each day’s trophies and rosettes from the ringside trailer, carry them to tables under the tent, and arrange them such that the stewards can grab them in order.

Ring Set-Up and Take-down: We need people on Monday afternoon (sometime after FastCATs — time TBD) to help set up the ring, and we also need people after the judging is over on Saturday to take down the ring.

If you can do any of these jobs, please contact us –  Click here to volunteer

As always, so many thanks to everyone for coming together to help.


Finally, don’t forget that Ogelbay has a TAME DEER HERD, so it is imperative that we remain vigilant and keep our dogs under control at all times. Ask for help if you need it!

We can never express our thanks to the literally dozens of people who have stepped up in one way or another to make this specialty a success. No matter what happens next week, that has already made this specialty the best ever.

Safe travels, everyone and we’ll see you next week!


Jodi, Jana, Miranda


#5 Update for Everyone Attending the National Specialty

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